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I’ll be continuing my blog on art and entrepreneurial (mis)adventures here: http://www.jonesgallery.ca/blog/. Thanks for reading!

Broad Street

Crown Street at Low Tide, oil and mixed media on canvas, 36x36 in., $1400

Courtenay Bay with Red Boat, oil and mixed media on canvas, 36x36 in., $1400

Courtenay Bay with Red Boat, oil and mixed media on canvas, 36x36 in., $1400

The art portion of Bean Books will now be under the banner of ‘Jones Gallery’ (very exciting).  A little unimaginative, I know, using my name in the title. And shamelessly self-promoting. But still exciting. And the first program I have under the new Jones Gallery banner: art lessons, starting in January 2010 for children and adults. See details below. Jones Gallery Lessons in Art

Surprise Sale No. 2

Although it’s not really a surprise anymore…

So we’ve been open for six months. What better excuse to have a sale every weekend of October? This Friday and Saturday? Specially marked books are only $3. Not bad.

Surprise Sale!

Guess what. We’ve been open for six months (almost), so we’ll be having specials on all through the month of October. This weekend? All hardcovers are $2 each. What a deal.

A response posted on Wednesday Afternoon at the Bean (three guesses on the mysterious author… and don’t let the ‘brains’ reference throw you):

“You’re possibly the worst person ever! DEAL WITH IT! Caleb sounds like a wonderful person and has a lot to offer the arts here in Saint John. The fact that he throws a spear is a bonus! He likes to have a very balanced life. I heard a rumor that all the paintings at bean books were all painted by her brother. However Caleb would never voluntarily give his paintings to Sarah. I heard that she has him locked in the basement and forced to paint or he will receive no food or water. Once Sarah found out that people would buy Caleb’s paintings she took away all of his food and then provided him with sharpened spoons in order to hunt down mice for nutrition, he also has to collect water from the fog and rain that trickles into the basement (dungeon). He remains alive because of an episode of Man VS Wild that he viewed a week earlier before his confinement. However I believe he is digging his way to freedom, trying to reach the River! Also he can’t use the spoons that he hunts with because Sarah has only provided him with 3 and they are getting dull. In that episode of Man Vs Wild he witnessed how Bear (possibly the coolest guy ever….after Caleb) would attach the teeth of the mice to his own fingers. This is his method of escaping the wrath of Sarah Jones. I believe he is only a few meters from the reversing falls. I imagine Caleb will want revenge…possibly has something to do with Spoons to the heart! Sarah better watch out!